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Accueil Toulouse Immersion Famille
Chez M. Bonnet, appartement 4 31200 Toulouse
N°TVA : 51798815577

AcTif: association of host families for foreign students

ACTIF: association of host families for students a non-profit association of host families in Toulouse (1901 law), AcTif “Accueil Toulouse Immersion Familles” offers accommodation for students from Toulouse schools and universities and cultural and linguistic immersion for foreign students.

Find our services and the list of prescribing partners with whom we collaborate. Contact our host family association for any further information.


The purpose of our association

We promote the linguistic immersion of foreign students by welcoming families. We believe that this method is one of the most effective for acquiring the basic mechanisms and subtleties of a language. The daily contact between people from different cultures makes it possible to discover a new way of life to open up to other ideas.

Our activity is therefore the connection of French families with foreign students wishing to learn the French language and culture in an immersive way.

Contacts are mainly handled by Christine thanks to her long experience in placing foreign students in French host families.


Our services

Consult the different services of our host family association in Toulouse :

  • Preparation of the reception of the student in a French family before the arrival in France
  • Search for a family adapted to the expectations of the student
  • Personalized welcome upon arrival in Toulouse
  • Follow-up throughout the stay


Our objective is to respond as quickly as possible to requests for accommodation from foreign students, by working within very short deadlines. We also act with great reactivity in the event of a disagreement between the student and his host family. Another solution is then offered at no additional cost (excluding travel).


Our organization ensures a regular follow-up of each mission. We intervene at any time in the event of a problem, at the request of the student, the host family or the prescriber. However, a preliminary questionnaire makes it possible to do everything possible to entrust the student to a family that best suits him.

Selection of host families

The families who collaborate with us all sign a contract. They are familiar with our concept and undertake to respect the quality of service and welcome expected. We regularly expand our network thanks to recommendations from families to those around them.


Find more information on the steps to be taken by host families and foreign students and staying in Toulouse.