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Accueil Toulouse Immersion Famille
Chez M. Bonnet, appartement 4 31200 Toulouse
N°TVA : 51798815577

Become a host family

Our 1901 law association, Actif Accueil Toulouse Immersion Familles, connects foreign students with host families in Toulouse. Daily contacts thus allow students to improve their practice of the French language.

Wishing to expand our network of families, we offer to host a foreign student at home to live a unique experience. These exchanges, synonymous with discovery and understanding of the other, often lead to beautiful friendships. The costs of the host families are also covered by the association. Take advantage of our experience and regular monitoring to accomplish this process in the best conditions. Contact our host family association for any further information.

Do not hesitate to send us your information, in order to claim to become a host family via our registration form.

Host family for foreign students

Would you like to become a host family for foreign students arriving in Toulouse? Do not hesitate to contact our association of host families for more information. Dynamic and warm, our team is committed to providing you with a personalized response as soon as possible.

Membership of the association: Secure online payment, with a bank card (