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Accueil Toulouse Immersion Famille
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Our advice for foreign students

How far in advance should I contact you to book a host family ?

We advise you to do it as soon as possible: as soon as your project becomes concrete, at the time of registration in a Toulouse University for example. This way, the family we will select for you will best match your wishes (that you have shared in your registration form).

How do I pay?

The payment occurs in two steps: first a deposit of 50 € when you book a host family. Then, once you’re in Toulouse, you will pay each month to the association AcTIF the hospitality and monitoring fees. Our rates are available here.

What if I do not get along well with the host family ?

In case of disagreement with the family, AcTIF will allow you to change of host family, with no additional cost (excluding travel). In this case, AcTIF will ask you to notify it as soon as possible.

Will I have the keys of the house / apartment ?

Of course! You are free to come and go! Just remember to be discreet when you come home late or very late...! Be very careful not to lose your keys: changing a lock is very expensive and will be at your expense.

Is it possible to extend my stay in a host family ?

You can extend your stay in the family you already live with (if the family can host you) or in a new family selected by AcTIF.

When will you give me my address ?

Upon receipt of your application (registration form + payment of the fees) we will send you the details of your future host family, address, photos, description...

I am afraid to be lost; it is my first trip to Toulouse !

Don’t worry! We will do everything to facilitate your arrival. At your request, we will pick you up at the airport and take you to your host family (see price list). You will have all the important information on the neighborhood in which you will live! Families are used to host and will help you with pleasure. We try to accommodate you near your university (maximum 40 minutes).

I chose the formula bedroom and breakfast, can I prepare my meals ?

With this package, you do not take the evening meal at home. You can sometimes, with the agreement of the family, quickly prepare a snack. Meals not taken with the family are taken outside. Be careful: it is forbidden to store food in the room. In the interest of the relationship with the family and learning the language, we suggest you take a few meals/week with the family.

I chose the half-board formula, how do I organize myself ?

Each family will tell you their habits (time schedule, menu ...). You should share yours as well! Remember to always tell the family if you decide not to take an evening meal. Similarly, if the members of the family cannot be present on some nights, they must prepare in advance a meal for you.

I found another solution for my accommodation

You must tell your family at least 15 days before your departure and inform AcTIF of your new address. Reimbursement will not be automatic and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Why take out liability insurance ?

This insurance is mandatory. It is different from a medical insurance. It covers all accidents that may occur during your stay in the family (serious damage, flood, fire, breakage...).

Do you have further questions ? Please, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.