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Accueil Toulouse Immersion Famille
Chez M. Bonnet, appartement 4 31200 Toulouse
N°TVA : 51798815577

Welcoming foreign students in Toulouse: family stay

Association welcoming foreign students in Toulouse, AcTif Immersion Accueil en Familles allows you to learn the French language in an immersive way. With our experience and a solid network, we are proud to contribute to the well-being of students in order to facilitate the development of their knowledge. Do not hesitate to contact our association of host families for more information.

AcTif : au service des étudiants du monde entier

AcTif : serving students around the world

Would you like to come and study in Toulouse, France, in a warm and family atmosphere ? Our host family association has a network of people ready to welcome you into their homes, with friendliness and kindness. We ensure the choice of the host family, the contact and the follow-up throughout the duration of the study stay.

Consult the reviews of our host families to note the seriousness of the services offered. Also find our advice for foreign students arriving in France !

La mise en relation entre étudiants et familles d'accueil

Connecting students and host families

Promoting the immersion of foreign students by welcoming families, our association offers a personalized service to all actors in relation to AcTif :

Discover the accommodation costs for a foreign student staying in Toulouse.

New services, special offers, agenda…, browse the news of our host association for foreign students, AcTif !


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