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Accommodation fees for a foreign student

Discover our accommodation fees for a foreign student arriving in Toulouse. Our association law 1901, AcTif Immersion Accueil en Familles, is non-profit. The following rates are used to offset expenses necessary to ensure the well-being and comfort of students. Contact our host family association for more information.

AcTIF association fees

Before your arrival in France: registration fees and research of the host family 50,00€

Registration fees: secure online payment with a bank card (

Host family fees

Those fees include: water consumption, electricity, heating, Wi-Fi access, one laundry / week, common room access (living room, kitchen …) and the help of AcTIF in case of a problem with the family.

For groups, please contact us !

For individual students :

Single room (with shared bathroom and other rooms of the accommodation (except kitchen - see option below))

430 € / month

Bedroom + breakfast 480 €/month* or 33 €/night (minimum 5 nights)
Bedroom + breakfast + 3 meals /week 580 €/month*
Bedroom + breakfast + 5 meals /week 630 €/month*
Bedroom +  half board formula 680 €/month* or 38 €/night (minimum 5 nights)
Bedroom + half board formula from Monday to Friday and full pension on Saturday and Sunday 830 €/month*
Bedroom on full pension 880 €/month* or 43 €/night (minimum 5 nights)

* : full month


minor student placement 50 €/month
Kitchen access 55 €/month
Special Diet depending on the number of meals chosen
Additional washing machines 10€/month
Private bathroom 55 €/month
Additional cultural activities during the week 35 €/afternoon (2 hours)

Travel rate

Rate of transfer from airport to accommodation in host family
Weekday from 8h to 17h
Night from 17h to 8h
Change of host family outside the agreement, application fees + transfer