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Accommodation fees for a foreign student

Discover our accommodation fees for a foreign student arriving in Toulouse. Our association law 1901, AcTif Immersion Accueil en Familles, is non-profit. The following rates are used to offset expenses necessary to ensure the well-being and comfort of students. Contact our host family association for more information.

AcTIF association fees

Before your arrival in France: registration fees and research of the host family 50,00€

Host family fees

Those fees include: water consumption, electricity, heating, Wi-Fi access, one laundry / week, common room access (living room, kitchen …) and the help of AcTIF in case of a problem with the family.

For groups, please contact us !

For individual students :

Bedroom + breakfast 480 €/month* or 33 €/night (minimum 5 nights)
Bedroom + breakfast + 3 meals /week 580 €/month*
Bedroom + breakfast + 5 meals /week 630 €/month*
Bedroom +  half board formula 680 €/month* or 38 €/night (minimum 5 nights)
Bedroom + half board formula from Monday to Friday and full pension on Saturday and Sunday 830 €/month*
Bedroom on full pension 880 €/month* or 43 €/night (minimum 5 nights)

* : full month


Kitchen access 55 €/month
Additional washing machines 10€/month
Private bathroom 55 €/month
Additional cultural activities during the week 35 €/afternoon (2 hours)

Travel rate

Rate of transfer from airport to accommodation in host family
Weekday from 8h to 17h 50,00€
Night from 17h to 8h 70,00€
Weekend 70,00€
Transfer in case of change of host family 50€